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Solar Street Lights

Snail series is BlueSmart's 2021 innovation of double-sided power generation high-powered all in two solar street light, built-in large capacity lithium battery, even under super brightness mode it can support 3-5 rainy days.

  • Double-glass modules with double-sided power generation, conversion efficiency reaches 20.1%
  • 15-year life of lithium iron phosphate batteries, more durable and long-lasting
  • Intelligent mode control, intelligent adjustment of output power in cloudy and rainy days, reasonable planning of discharge
  • All die-casting aluminum lamp body galvanized rust and corrosion resistant, adapt to a variety of harsh environments
  • Multiple mounting options for a variety of project needs

10-year warranty high-end solar street light, the pursuit of performance and aesthetic release, your excellent choice for government projects.



Model  Led light                 (Bridgelux) Mono Solar panel LiFePO4 Battery Mounting height Mounting Distance Solar panel size
SN-50 50W                           8000-9000LM 100W/18V 30AH 12.8V 5-6M 25M 775*675*35mm
SN-60 60W                         9600-10800lm 120W/18V 42AH 12.8V 6-7M 28M 900*675*35mm
SN-80 80W                         12800-14400lm 160W/36V 24AH/25.6V 7-8M 30M 1215x675x35mm
SN-100 100W                              16000-18000lm 200W/36V 30AH/25.6V 8-9M 35M 1505x675x35mm
SN-120 120W
250W 36V 36AH 25.6V 9-10M 40M 1505x805x35mm
SN-150 150W
300W 36V 42AH 25.6V 10-11M 45M 1215x675x35mm         x 2pcs
SN-180 180W
400W 36V 54AH 25.6V 11-12M 50M 1505x675x35mm        x 2pcs
SN-200 180W
500W 36V 66AH 25.6V 12-15M 50M 1505x805x35mm        x 2pcs


Model G.W. Carton Size Container
SN-50 24kg/set lamp             755x440x325mm                 solar panel: 825x725x105mm(2pcs/ctn) 172sets/20GP                     386sets/40GP                 458set/40HQ
SN-60 25.7kg/set solar panel: 950x725x105mm(2pcs/ctn) 166sets/20GP                    374sets/40GP                 442set/40HQ
SN-80 28.5kg/set solar panel: 1265x725x105mm(2pcs/ctn) 150sets/20GP                      338sets/40GP                 400set/40HQ
SN-100 32kg/set solar panel: 1555x725x105mm(2pcs/ctn) 142sets/20GP                     318sets/40GP                 378set/40HQ
SN-120 34kg/set solar panel: 1555x855x105mm(2pcs/ctn) 134sets/20GP                     300sets/40GP                 356set/40HQ
SN-150 45kg/set lamp             755x440x325mm                      solar panel: 1265x725x105mm (2pcs/ctn) 115sets/20GP            258sets/40GP                 305set/40HQ
SN-180 48kg/set    solar panel: 1555x855x105mm (2pcs/ctn) 96sets/20GP                 216sets/40GP                 256set/40HQ
SN-200 50kg/set   solar panel: 1555x855x105mm (2pcs/ctn) 96sets/20GP                 216sets/40GP                 256set/40HQ


Material High quality Die-cast Aluminum
CCT 6000K (3500-6000K can be customzied)
Charging time 6-8hours
Working time 12 hours per night, 4-5 rainy days
Control mode light/ time/ microwave sensor control /Time + microwave sensor control
Motion sensor microwave Detect distance 15m-20m
Certifications CE, RoHS, FCC ,IP65,SGS,
Warranty 3yrs


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