Bluesmart is known as the pioneer in the solar street powered lighting industry, the leading China-based manufacture of all in one solar street light, commercial solar lighting and solar street lighting remote management system.

Every Bluesmart Solar lighting and power system provides the best quality system to meet the needs of the customer and takes into consideration on the geographical location and lighting design requirements for the project.

Our number one priority is to understand the unique goals and needs of each of our clients and then meet those needs. We look forward to working with you to help find cost feasible and environmentally friendly solutions to meet your solar outdoor lighting and grid-free solar power needs.

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All-in-one (Integrated)
Solar Street Lights

FLY HAWK light is Bluesmart's flagship model, tailor made for government solar street lighting outdoor projects.

  • Fly Hawk'shape light body, 'All In One' Modern and elegent appearance
  • Innovative adjustable solar panel design (5 angle)
  • All die-casting aluminum light body zinc plated anti-rust corrosion.
  • Perfect modular structure design, no wiring, easily replace the battery and other parts
  • Support Photovoltaic Power Generation and Utility Power Grid

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Get our latest all in one solar powered street led lights to find out which one can help you work through your project's solutions.


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Innovative integration design

all in one light body with adjustable solar panel
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MPPT solar controller

High efficiency intelligent power regulation & Temperature Control
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Battery Management

Charge & Discharge efficiency up to 95-98%, more than 2000times'cycles
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Light efficiency

Multiple led chip with Patent batwing lens with polarized light

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Control Mode Management

4 working mode for choice, one touch remote control
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Microwave Motion Sensor

Auto adjust brightness,save more energy
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City Electric Complementary

Optaional AC or DC input capability
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Wireless Connectivity

allows all the solar lights to wirelessly communicate

Production Line
Quality Control

We design and manufacture our products under strict quality control and we own high quality patents. We pay attention to every component and work diligently to ensure that every step of the energy conversion process is maximized.

Raw Materials Test

Production Line

Quality Testing

Packing & Shipment


Bluesmart is a good solar street light supplier and helps me saved a lot of efforts. High-quality, good price, and pure satisfaction.
– Earl Anthony Hemans

We have been working with Bluesmart for about 2 years now and our experience with them has been very good, their prices are very competitive.
– Andres Bab, Happy Client