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Welcome to Bluesmart

We are a professional solar street light manufacturer with 10 years of experience in the industry, committed to promoting the global street light energy-saving retrofit business, our goal is to replace all traditional utility street lights with solar street lights within 5 years.

We own lithium battery manufacturing factories, solar module factories, aluminum lamp housing manufacturing factories, and specialize in serving contract energy management companies, power companies, construction companies, and new energy companies involved in street lighting and energy saving retrofit projects in various countries. For this reason, we provide solar street light products with 10-year warranty and have developed a scientific remote IOT management system so that all customers have no worries.

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Bluesmart can help you

Newly installed solar street light project

  • Provide a variety of patented solar street light products to meet your project control needs
  • Provide professional street lighting design & solutions
  • Provide customized product development services
  • Provide installation guidance and technical support services
  • Provide reliable after-sales service
  • Provide comprehensive financial services (PPP)

Energy saving retrofit projects (EMC)

  • Energy Management Contract Project
  • Provide customized product and solution design
  • Provide site survey guidance and construction
  • Provide installation guidance and technical support
  • Provide stable after-sales service

Product Design and Development /ODM Processing

BlueSmart specializes in the design and manufacture of solar energy application products.

ODM service covers the entire product life cycle from conceptual design to manufacturing to after-sales service. Our engineering expertise includes structural design of lamps, complex PCB design, technical configuration of solar power generation and lighting, size and weight constraints, mechanical engineering, etc. This expertise provides an end-to-end turnkey solution for companies seeking comprehensive product development services from a single source.

 Our capabilities cover the complete life of a product from concept to design through manufacturing and life cycle management.

Solar Powered Surveillance Project

Our solar powered security cameras are used around the world to protect people and secure billions in assets. Perimeter Protection-Solar, Oil, Gas, Substations, delivering 24/7/365 surveillance solutions for your operations.

While we have expertise in solar systems, we also have expertise in camera and wireless systems. Our highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable certified solution team is capable of identifying, specifying, configuring, and delivering a custom wireless or camera system unique to your environment.

You can expect 100% excellence in unparalleled customer support, uncompromising product value, and custom solution engineering from our team of experts. Through our proven methodology of system design, build, delivery, installation, and support, you will receive a custom surveillance solution specific to your needs.

Off-grid Energy Storage Power Station project

Off-grid photovoltaic systems converts solar energy into electrical energy for load use. It is an ideal choice for areas without or lack of electricity. Depending on the application, off-grid PV systems can be equipped with energy storage devices, such as battery systems, to store the additional power generated for nighttime use. Especially suitable for remote islands, mountainous areas and other places without electricity or lack of electricity. In these areas, off-grid photovoltaic systems can replace traditional power generation equipment, such as diesel generators. Provide solution design, site survey, installation guidance and after-sales service

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